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The 2020 Crowdfunded Summit is packed with so many valuable events, that it would be physically IMPOSSIBLE to attend all of them live.

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We created the VIP All Access Pass because we understand how hard it can be to dedicate enough hours of your day to watching these events live.

With the VIP Pass you can watch 35+ hours of life-changing content at your convenience. You get 2 full days worth of recorded workshops, lectures and expert panels, covering a range of topics pertinent to helping entrepreneurs like you raise millions.

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Purchasing the VIP All Access Pass helps to make more of these types of events possible. All funds for the VIP tier will go directly back into funding the event as well as future Crowdfunded Summits.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Will I receive recordings from all of the events?
Yes, you will receive access to recordings from every single CROWDFUNDED Summit 2020 event.
When will I receive the recordings?
We’ll be sending them out to you via e-mail after you sign up. Keep an eye out for an e-mail from Make sure to check your Promotions tab and whitelist this e-mail address.
How long will I have access to the recordings?
You will gain lifetime access to all recordings.
Do I have to download the recordings or some app to watch them?
You do not need to download anything to enjoy watching the CROWDFUNDED Summit videos. The recordings will be available on our digital platform. 
I’m a member of the LaunchBoom Academy - can I get access to the recordings for free?
Yes! All LaunchBoom Academy customers have Lifetime Access to all 2020 Crowdfunded Summit events.
Is there a way to connect with other attendees and members of the CROWDFUNDED Summit community?
You can join our Facebook community at:
Here Are A Few Of The Amazing Events That You May Have Missed...

How To Raise $1,000,000 On Indiegogo

Enzo Njoo
Director of Sales at Indiegogo

Beyond Crowdfunding: The Power Of Long Term Thinking & Building A Scaleable Brand

Mark Pecota
CEO at LaunchBoom

Build Your Brand: Find Your Frequency

David Meltzer
Co-Founder at Sports 1 Marketing

Establishing & Scaling Your Ecommerce Brand With Google Ads

Richard Hexter & Keegan Hasbrook

How To Manufacture And Launch Your Product In 90 Days

Nathan Resnick
CEO at Sourcify

Facebook Presents: The Best Practices To Scale Your Business On Facebook

Grace Pittner
Partner Manager at Facebook

Seven Figure Crowdfunded Panel

Will Ford
President at LaunchBoom

Tell a Story that Sells... A Lot.

Jacques Spitzer
CEO at Raindrop
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